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Create Personal & Business Websites from your Phone and for Free.

Insanely Simple. Zero Coding. Always Free.

Are you going to Hire a website developer? Pay hosting charges?- Forget it.

Thinking about Website design, maintenance, SEO, recurring hosting charges, SSL certificates, storage space? Those days are long gone.

$15 per month for a website? What the *$^%?

Yes, even we get sticker shock looking at top-notch website builder services pricing pages. Things are different here — 97% of Foli features are available as free, and we hate monthly plans too.

Build your website from your phone under 7 minutes.

Step 1: Install the App.
Step 2: Create the Site.
Step 3: Fill the Sections.

That's it. Your Site is Live.

The perfect landing page for your Portfolio, Business, and All-of-your social media.

Bring all your followers from different social networks under one roof, with the Foli app in your pocket, you can always update your sites in seconds.

Get Sales Leads, Calls, Emails. More-than-enough features for developing your business.

Free Lead Capture forms with customizable input fields, Zoom Meetings, YouTube Videos, Eye-catching Action Button, and dedicated Contact Section — Just the right tools.


Measure how your sites are performing. Demographics, visitor counts, link clicks, referrer tracking, and much more. The best part - it is free.

Free forever and Zero Ads. Really? What’s the catch? — None.

We want everyone on the internet to have their website, so we've kept all the necessary and even pro-level Foli features as free. You only pay when you need advanced analytics and bespoke items.

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